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NETUNO USA is a seafood wholesale distributor & importer supplying wholesale, food service, and retail distributors on four continents.


Credit: FisheryProgress.org Year in Review Newsletter.
NETUNO is currently involved in 7 different Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) globally. Four we helped to launch, the Brazilian Caribbean Red Snapper, the Venezuelan Lobster, the Mexican Octopus and the Indian Grouper. Our ultimate goal is to have 90% of our seafood coming from a sustainable certified source or in a FIP by 2025. Learn more about FIPs on our Sustainability page.

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One of the advantages of sourcing from NETUNO is the consistent availability of our inventory. Subject to seasonality, our products are readily accessible, ensuring a reliable and
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Our minimum order requirement is 2,000 lbs. per order, with the flexibility to combine multiple products on each order. 1,000 lbs. for pickup at our any of our cold storage locations in South Florida, New Jersey, or California.

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