Since 1993

NETUNO humbly began when friends Luciano Bonaldo and Guilherme Colaferri began importing Snapper from Brazil. Our founders would deliver to restaurants in Miami from a cooler in the trunk of their car. The duo quickly established themselves as having a very high-quality product and as demand increased, NETUNO grew.

NETUNO has since cemented itself as a highly competitive company devoted to providing the highest quality products with exceptional customer service. During our first 20 years, alliances with suppliers, distributors and buyers has given NETUNO a global reach and a diverse product line. These exceptional relationships and dedication to quality have undoubtedly been the source of NETUNO’s success.

Today NETUNO supplies over 20 million of pounds of seafood to wholesale, foodservice, and retail distributors on 4 continents, and while we are primarily known for the unimpeachable quality of our seafood and excellent service, our company’s standards do not stop there.


We are committed to connecting our customers with the best products the ocean has to offer while remaining conscious about the environment and our practices. That is why we source from sustainable eco-sensitive fisheries whenever possible and work closely with suppliers to educate our fishermen and promote the least invasive fishing methods.

We believe seafood is the future of sustainable animal proteins. When sourced properly, with care for the ocean and its environment, it is the protein that has the least impact on our Earth. It is this belief that drives our goal of having at least 90% of our products certified sustainable or part of a Fishery Improvement Project by 2025, with 100% being the ultimate goal. Learn more about the steps we are taking on our blog.



Our long-time relationships with suppliers have allowed us to build a very strict quality process that all must follow. Regardless of where our products come from, we know it will be as fresh as the day it was caught, guaranteed! We also focus on sourcing from fisheries with sustainable practices.

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We carry of variety of mostly wild caught seafood. While whole Snapper is our most well-known item, we offer everything from Lobster, Octopus & Calamari to Branzino.


Most of our whole fish are fully cleaned and scaled, to make the Chef’s life easier. Our fillets are uniformly cut, perfect for plate portions. We ship weekly from our distribution centers in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles to anywhere in the US & Canada. We export worldwide from Miami and direct from origin for container volume customers. Our products are proudly displayed by chefs in kitchens from Miami to New York to Dubai, because Chefs Understand Quality, and that’s why they choose NETUNO.


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