ASC Certified, 90% Shrimp Chunks, Clean Ingredients

For Retail & Foodservice Sector‘s video series “Watch Us Eat” sampling our Garlic & Herb Shrimp Burgers.

Large Shrimp Chunks In Every Bite

Our Garlic and Herb Burgers feature full, intact pieces of ASC-certified sustainable shrimp, maintaining the integrity and origin of the shrimp used. This is a key distinction from the typical shrimp burgers found in the market that are made by mincing and grinding leftover shrimp pieces with fillers.

Packed for Retail & Foodservice

12 x 16oz. (4oz. Patty) – 12lb. Master Case
10 x 16oz. (2oz. Slider)- 10lb. Master Case

Our Shrimp Burgers are packaged in convenient rectangular containers to save valuable shelf space, while our Shrimp Burger Sliders come in vacuum-sealed packaging. Customer flavors & private label are also available.

What Makes These Burgers Unique?

  • ASC-Certified Shrimp
  • Cooks From Frozen
  • Clean & All Natural Ingredient List
  • Over 90% Shrimp Chucks, Not Minced or Ground
  • Lightly Seasoned With Neutral Garlic & Herb Flavor, Mild Enough to Make It Your Own
  • Does Not Reduce In Size and Will Maintain Size When Cooked, Excellent For Bun Coverage

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