NETUNO USA was founded in 1993

NETUNO was founded in 1993 and has established itself as a highly competitive company devoted to providing the highest quality products with exceptional customer service. During our first 20 years alliances with suppliers, distributors and buyers has given NETUNO a global reach and a diverse product line. These exceptional relationships have undoubtedly been the source of NETUNO’s success. Today NETUNO supplies over 20 millions of pounds of seafood to distributers, foodservice and supermarkets on 4 continents, and while we are primarily known for the unimpeachable quality of our seafood and excellent service, our company’s standards do not stop there.

From the beginning, NETUNO elected to carry out its business with a high regard for responsible commercial practices by building professional relationships with vendors and customers and involving itself in conservation and social matters related to the seafood we purchase and supply. This means not only being mindful of the sources of the seafood we sell globally but also minimizing waste and energy use in packaging, transportation, and storage.

The company’s mission is an ongoing enterprise in connecting its customers with the best the ocean has to offer from sustainable eco-sensitive fisheries while being responsive to the needs of retailers and restaurants worldwide. NETUNO has managed to succeed as a reliable and responsible company by maintaining these core values. The quality of NETUNO’s products is proudly displayed by Chefs in kitchens from Miami to New York and Dubai because Chefs understand quality.

Why choose us?

  • Premium Quality
  • Consistency
  • World Class Service
  • Competitive Pricing