Boston 2019 build-up

Boston 2019 build-up: Ocean Beauty expands US sales team; ‘King kampachi’ to make its debut By Undercurrent News March 4, 2019 14:27 BST Undercurrent News is reporting on the build-up to Seafood Expo North America (SENA) in Boston, the largest event for...

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FIP for Mexican octopus gets the green light

Undercurrent News March 22, 2019 09:31 BST The long-awaited fisheries improvement project (FIP) for Mexico's Yucatan octopus is now underway after a group of Mexican producers, processors and international exporters met to sign a memorandum of understanding...

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Thank you for your support

THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT, we have managed to flip our sales of snapper fillet from 75/25 ratio of natural cut vs. once cut fillets to 75/25 once cut vs. natural cut and we are well on our way to reach our goal of 95/5.

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Together we are making a difference!

This past November NETUNO signed on to the INDONESIAN SNAPPER FIP (Fishery Improvement Project), where we pledged to focus our snapper raw material purchase on fish that is over 4 pounds and has reached maturity. This size fish virtually eliminates the production of...

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