Corporate Chef

Chef Paul Hazucha

Corporate Chef/Foodservice Account Manager

Paul has been with NETUNO for over 11 years. He brings to us a diverse background in that he has over 20 years of expertise in business, sales, management, and training. His experience with multinational distributor Sysco has helped him establish relationships in all aspects of the business. He discovered his passion for the culinary arts and assists Netuno in the sales, presentation, and training of the preparation of our products. He has served a guest chef for the National Medal of Honor Ceremony and holds a Superintendent’s Coin for his service. He holds degrees from Pensacola State College & University of West Florida in Business, Communication Arts, & Philosophy and is a licensed real estate agent in two states.

Netuno USA Inc.


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511 SE 5th Ave Ste # 103/104
Fort. Lauderdale, FL. 33301

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