Since the Olympic Committee of Rio 2016 determined that the supply of fish for the Olympic and Paralympic Games should be certified, some companies interested in obtaining international certification seals to accredit to provide athletes.

Besides being an international showcase, It is a big deal in itself. It is estimated that more than 14 million meals will be served during the Games – operação considerada maior negócio de catering of the world.

Some gave up the way. There was the case with Neptune, today announced that (03/06) certification of achievement for the Tilapia Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), do mesmo grupo do Marine Stewardship Council, private body that certifies fisheries that respect certain principles of sustainability defined by the Responsible Fisheries Code of Conduct, the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO/ONU).

The production unit of Paulo Afonso (BA) underwent a process of adaptation to the ASC standards was conducted by Brazilian Institute of Development and Sustainability (IABS). According to the vice-president André Brugger, Neptune consultant, this is the first certification of its kind in Brazil.

“We studied the market and the protocols of all certification programs available and that suited our ambition was the ASC”, disse em nota. “We believe that the ASC certification will benefit Brazilian exports because it will show a commitment to social and environmental sustainable development. Operators wishing to improve their numbers in international trade must become certified.”

Among the measures adopted for the approval stamp, Neptune had to train your staff to manage critical data, the rate of leakage, situations predators and calculating the footprint of phosphorus and nitrogen from the production.